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'The front of the region of Rotterdam' - Undermining Day
RIEC Rotterdam

Creating a spectacular experience

The Regional Information and Expertise Centre Rotterdam (RIEC) focuses on battling subversive crime. They connect information, expertise, and forces from the different government agencies. On the Undermining Day several agencies came together to strengthen this connection.

Various objectives were central during the conference: completion of the Strengthening Programme and positioning of RIEC Rotterdam among key partners.  During the morning programme: showing the urgency of their work. During the afternoon programme: the response to this urgency, networking and obtaining and sharing information within the target group.

The immersive experience was very important here, because the day had to be spectacular and surprising. People also had to inspire and learn from each other.

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Total approach





A complete picture at the RACC

We have been able to achieve this, amongst other things, by means of the new, flexible conference centre in Ahoy (RACC). Outside on the forecourt we had a session about the Port of Rotterdam in a special container, a mobile escape room and an example of a smuggler car and two luxury confiscated cars in front of the entrance.  

The entire day was an immersive experience by the five actors in character, which already started upon entry: there was a propper with flyers for the 'party'  upstairs. We set up the registration as a club and because of the three high-speed namebadge printers from Invitado the registration went smoothly.  

We had an information market with stands where there was a lot to do, including a VR experience from KMAR. There was a lot of connection in the reception room and during the plenary opening we had various speakers and the Mayor Aboutaleb handed over the RIEC book to Annemieke van Dam. Mayor Aboutaleb also opened the RIEC Pillar Experience in which six different rooms show the route from recruiter to the police station, including a container with hidden drugs and a stash house. In the afternoon we had seven knowledge sessions on topics such as property control along with hidden drug laboratories.   

Decors contributed to successful knowledge sessions

The day ended with a plenary closing. There were various reactions from the audience: the participants learned a lot, gained inspiration from other organisations to work together even better in the future. Afterwards there was a reception and participants could pick up a goodie bag containing, among other things, the RIEC book, which was already showed in the plenary opening. 

The goal of putting RIEC Rotterdam even better on the map has been achieved, because the event made a lot of impact through the content of the sessions, but also through the decoration and the actors.  A real immersive experience. 

This also came up in the feedback. With an average score of 8.1 from the evaluation, the event was a great success.  

Watch the behind the scenes video here

"An instructive day in which the networking and the information that was gained were very welcome."
Participant RIEC Undermining Day

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Escape Room Designer. They have different escape rooms, including mobile variants. At the event we used the Cyber Cash mobile escape room, which was a nice addition and suited the subject of undermining.  

decor immersive experience

Did you know...
That you can create an immersive experience with decor? We had many different decors, giving an immersive experience to the participants. This way it seemed as if they really lived the part and everyone could learn from each other. 

Want to know more?
Check out the RIEC website to learn more about RIEC, what they do and about undermining.  

In recent years we have organised live online and hybride events in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and abroad.
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