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Learn and Work Agreement Conference
Learn and Work Agreement

Agreement for a conference

The Learn and Work Agreement (LWA) is a collaboration between education, business and local government in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Labour market region. The agreement has a term of six years (2019-2024) and the partners invest money and are given a personal approach. The LWA Steering Group wants to organise a working conference to discuss the findings and recommendations of the Interim Evaluation LWA (2019-2021) with all partners in a more cross-over manner.  

Together with the project team, VKOZ is organised this conference with as many participants as possible, where we paid a lot of attention to the programme for different target groups. The conference took place in De Kuip and the Maasgebouw, where we set up the programme in a different way than usual. 

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A programme appropriate to the location

For example, we first had the kick-off with the registration of the participants where the improvisation actors, acting as wives of ambassadors, provided a fun  welcome. In addition, they supported the speakers and connected the participants. During the plenary opening, a dazzling opening film was played that looked back on successes to date. Day chairman Mark Beumer and two guest speakers Fabian Dekker and Aad van der Werf opened the event together with Peter Smit from LWA.  

During the first and second half, nine inspiring sessions took place in various original rooms, including the Feyenoord dressing rooms and the press room. During the transfer to halftime, we had delicious Feyenoord pastries to stay in the mood. There was also a fair with various stands.  

During the plenary closing, the Renewal of the Vows, the ladies in gowns asked all participants to fill in a ‘Yes, I do’ card. To conclude this, the net wool act took place, where balls of wool were thrown through the room so that all the participants were connected. During the reception we went to the third half, where drinks and food were served in the form of a walking dinner.  

The start of an annual collaboration

During the day we collected a lot of content and the participants had an inspiring day due to the sessions, the fair and the information that was discussed during the opening and closing. By letting the participants get to work in an interactive way, they are now connected and new people got to know each other. The Netwol act has contributed a lot to this as well.  

For more inspiration, all participants received a magazine in which they can find a lot about the Learn and Work Agreement. The large location offered many opportunities for the sessions in special rooms. This conference was a good start to an annual collaboration between LWA and VKOZ.  

Watch the after movie of the event here

"What a party it was yesterday! I really want to thank you so much for all your hard work, headaches, stress and probably also fun in all the preparations and the conference itself."
Peter Smit - Programme Learning Agreement

Zoom in on:
De Kuip, not only a football stadium, but also a beautiful event location with many possibilities and special spaces. Visit their website for more information.  

Did you know...
You can use the Improvisation Actors in different ways during your event? They greet the participants, support the chairman of the day and, of course, ensure a good atmosphere.  

Want to know more?
Visit the Learn and Work Agreement website to find out more about who they are and what they do.  

In recent years we have organised live online and hybrid events in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and abroad.
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