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TanteLouise is making herself strong

TanteLouise is committed to combating elder abuse, because elder abuse is more common than we think; about 1 in 20 elderly people have to deal with this. TanteLouise would like to tackle this problem and they are good at spotting it. They do need help with this. This will be done on the basis of the Serious Game ‘Who Helps?’ in the form of national publicity. ‘Publicity is the attention of the media whereby something is made known’. This has been developed to learn to detect elder abuse more quickly. The game is used as a learning tool for our own employees but can be used widely. This app has been compiled in a year’s time and should work for all organisations and target groups.  


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An event as part of a larger campaign

A conference was organised for the launch of the game. Healthcare institutions, among others, would be invited and there would also be a focus on schools. The target group was large, but a toolkit had been developed for each sub-target group. The game was brought to the attention of various organisations, which was also the goal of our design plan and invitation process. The event was the core of the campaign and it had to tell and show something with content and impact that the people and media want to talk about and share.

Social Justice Day

February 20, 2020 was Social Justice Day and the congress also took place on this day. A great time to organise the congress. Awareness about inequality, unemployment, social exclusion and poverty is raised on this day.

For publicity, VKOZ set up the communication strategy and event design, including content format, invitation process and toolkits. Patricia has written several beautiful interviews which would be bundled in a storybook.

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Patricia of RedFactor, our regular VKOZ copywriter! She also writes our web texts. Read more about Patricia in her blog.

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You can also only use VKOZ for a publicity campaign? See the communication page for more information.

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Check out the website of TanteLouise to find more information.

In recent years we have organised live online and hybrid events in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and abroad.
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