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Seeing, tackling, picking up and taking away undermining

The Regional Information and Expertise Center Rotterdam, abbreviated to the RIEC, focuses on combating subversive crime. They connect information, expertise and strengths of the various government agencies. Undermining is a topic that is being discussed a lot these days and in order to highlight the mid-term of the Reinforcement Pillars, this conference was organised in collaboration with VKOZ. These Reinforcement Pillars include, for example, the police, tax authorities and customs. Prior to the conference, a working visit was organised for Minister Grapperhaus.

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At this hybrid conference, 140 people were invited online, who joined later in the afternoon. The 40 other participants visited the event fully in accordance with the Covid rules on location. We had reserved the 15th and 16th floor of the Inntel Rotterdam to make use of the beautiful view of the Erasmus Bridge and skyline. This brought a piece of Rotterdam to the online participants to complete the hybrid experience as well as possible. The opening film used for the surprise opening, started with the view from this Panorama room. In this film, an interview was held with each pillar of why collaboration is so important; the topic to be discussed during the event.  

The goals of the event were: sharing and celebrating successes, retrieving content, storytelling and a distinctive and interactive programme. The assignment for VKOZ was to translate these goals into the programme. The day chairman Ernst Pols of the Rotterdam Public Prosecution Service and mayor Aboutaleb certainly contributed to this. 

To achieve the goals, they were converted into different activities during the varied programme. For example, Mascha of the Improvisatieacteurs provided the connection between the live and online audience from the green room. There was a round table discussion with various propositions and Q&A, a break-out session in virtual rooms, a Idea box and a quiz with of course an award ceremony.

Hybrid like never before

Together with our partner Savvy Congress, we had set up the online platform entirely in the style and wishes of the RIEC. Despite the challenges, organising the hybrid event has been very successful. We also had parallel programming including a closing drink for the 40 guests on location, of course in accordance with the applicable measures. Due to the strict Covid measures from September 28, 2020, the event has been moved from September 30, 2020 to 2022.

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Check out the event location Inntel Rotterdam, where you have a beautiful view over the Erasmus Bridge!

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