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Municipality of Rotterdam

VKOZ organizes various events in collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam. For example, the opening of Werkstation op Zuid in the former Gamma building and the hybrid conference for The Week of the Services in the Heineken building in Rotterdam.

"We look back on a successful opening that attracted a lot of interest
for the Workstation in South."
Jessy Tangel - Project Manager Municipality of Rotterdam

"Great contribution from VKOZ: structure, eye for details, etc. We are really relieved."
Peter van Schaik - Sr. Consultant Services

RIEC Rotterdam

Together with RIEC Rotterdam, VKOZ has organized events in Rotterdam Ahoy and the ss Rotterdam. The Undermining Day was an immersive experience with different sets and actors.

"An instructive day in which the networking and the information gained were very welcome."
Participant - RIEC Undermining Day

"The day was very well organized, and as far as I'm concerned it's worth repeating!"
Participant - RIEC Reflect & Connect

Read one of the event cases here

Read the full event case here

Learn and Work Agreement

Together with the project team of the Learn and Work Agreement, we organized a conference in which a lot of attention was paid to the program for various target groups in De Kuip and the Maasgebouw.

"What a party it was yesterday! I really want to thank you so much for all your hard work, headaches, stress and probably also fun in all the preparations and the conference itself."
Peter Smit - Program Manger LWA

De Rechtspraak

VKOZ organized the congress from A to Z for the Day for Managers. With the aim of unburdening the Judiciary as much as possible.

"Thanks to Marjolein van Rosmalen and her team, who made sure everything was well organized behind the scenes. Everyone's reactions and fun made it a wonderful day!"
Marlies Rijnbergen - De Rechtspraak


Read the full event case here

Read one of the event cases here

Council of International Schools

Together with the Council of International Schools, VKOZ will organize the annual Global Forum on International Admission & Guidance from 2015 onwards. Each year this is organized in a different European city.

"It was such a well run event, providing great connections and information for so many of our members."
 Jane Larsson - Executive Director, CIS

"Thank you for all your support, guidance, eye for detail and reliability."
Willemijn Nieuwenhuys - CIS

New Business Roundtable

Since 2018, VKOZ has been organizing the events of the New Business Roundtable. Now under the new name Erasmus Center for Innovation, we organize four events per year: two conferences and two webinars.

"Marjolein and her team have excellent ideas for organizing events, and their super-efficient way of working means they take care of everything for you!"
Prof. Jan van den Ende - Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University


Read the full event case here

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