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Werkstation op Zuid
Municipality of Rotterdam

From old Gamma building to social location

Werkstation op Zuid is a place where people with benefits can go. They are helped to find work, which is possible, for example, in the Rataplan thrift store, which is located in the same building. In recent months, the Municipality of Rotterdam has been busy with the makeover of the old Gamma building. Did you know that the building has also served as a GGD injection location in the meantime?

As the opening drew closer, the Municipality of Rotterdam called in VKOZ for help. 600 people were invited and a lot still had to be done. The festive opening also had to include a substantive program with catering and a performance.

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Total approach

7 haltes WoZ



Afternoon program with content

VKOZ has put together an afternoon program with Christl van Gerven as chairman. She talked about the Workstation to the more than 280 guests. Councilor Tim Versnel was also a guest and he opened the Workstation at an official moment by cutting the ribbon.

After this, it was time for the guests to visit the seven stations and gain information about all the possibilities within the Workstation. For example, we talked about the S.T.A.R.T. program, the Poortproces and the Rataplan thrift store. After the substantive program, there was time for a networking drink while enjoying a drink and music from the Bentinck Jazz trio.

An event is possible at any location

The turnout for the opening was very high. There were over 100 more guests than expected. The full hall meant a lot of interest in the opening of the Workstation on South. Knowledge was shared during drinks and a number of guests were able to score beautiful items in the thrift store! The colorful decorations by the Workstation were examined, such as the creative chandeliers, wall paintings, etc. In short, an opening with a lot of interest at a location that has been completely converted into an event location!

Watch the behind the scenes video here!

"We look back on a successful opening where there was a lot of interest in the Werkstation op Zuid."
Jessy Tangel - Project manager Municipality of Rotterdam

Zoom in on:
Valo, our collaboration partner in the field of AV for live streams, webinars and online events. After collaborating on the hybrid event of the Services Week, they also supported us this time with their specialty.

Did you know...
that KOCO a social initiative is? KOCO wants to improve the quality of life in Rotterdam-Charlois based on four pillars. This in combination with the provision of catering. With experience and a range of tailor-made solutions, everyone's wishes are met.

Want to know more?
Rataplan's newest location, located in the same building as Werkstation op Zuid, opened its doors on March 7, 2024. Read more about the collaboration between the thrift store and the Municipality of Rotterdam.

In recent years we organized live online and hybrid events in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and abroad.
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