Verbeteragenda Entree

Improvement Agenda Entrance
Municipality of Rotterdam

Celebrating successes with different partners

The Improvement Agenda Entrance was delivered at the end of 2021; namely a structural cooperation and improvement agenda for the students of Entrance courses (MBO-1). After 2 years, the MBO schools and the Municipality of Rotterdam would like to present the results.

This project includes several sub-projects and therefore also different contact persons. The customer's wish is to work on this in a structured manner. The municipality of Rotterdam has asked VKOZ events & communications to help with the organization and coordination of this event.

Together with the four vocational schools Albeda College, Lentiz, STC and Zadkine, partners from the Rijnmond region and employers, the results of the 'Improvement Agenda Entrance' project are presented. This looks back and forward, celebrates successes, informs parties about various sub-projects and shares knowledge. It is also important to give the students a role.

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Total approach




An interactive program

In this way we have given the students a role in the program. VKOZ has carefully drawn up and designed an interactive program, including a round table discussion with students.

The interactivity with the audience was generated by chairman Jethro Bos, director of Zadkine. He created interactivity by using different colored lanyards and an old-fashioned Q&A. He also held a conversation with Alderman Versnel in a form of an interview, in which the students had an interest and experiences were shared.

The results were shown in a video to open the morning. After this, it is important to also collect content and look ahead. This was done by the vocational schools in collaboration with partners in the form of a presentation. Goals were set to achieve them in the future.

Communication was central

Communication was particularly important during the organization of the event. This is entirely taken care of by VKOZ, including the invitation process. All forms of communication were written by VKOZ, in which it was important to convey all important information. This resulted in an attendance of more than 60 participants!

In addition, all input from the vocational schools has been translated into a complete program for the morning. VKOZ has provided the common thread and everything has become one whole. This was done, among other things, by designing the entire presentation. By combining the presentations from the vocational schools and properly processing all general topics, all topics have formed one whole.

VKOZ's advice was to use a photographer for professional photos instead of a goodie bag. Photos can be used well in communication in the future.

Watch the behind the scenes video here

"What a great event it was this morning! It was great fun to be there."
Mayke Kuijpers - Zadkine Startcollege

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Did you know...
You can use different colored lanyards to distinguish the participants from each other? This way you can see from a distance who belongs to what.

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