Koning Zuidplas Theatertour

King Zuidplas Theater tour 
Municipality Zuidplas

Daughter of the king compete for the honor

Theater Tour of Municipality of Zuidplas was organised to connect the four villages that together form one municipality. VKOZ was asked by Hans Heesterbeek to arrange the production of this event, also known as the Koning Zuidplas Theater Tour. It is a large open-air spectacle including theatre, music and dance. The storyline of King Zuidplas: the king rules the municipality but is tired. He seeks succession and has his four daughters, princesses, compete for that honor. They may present themselves in all four villages.

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An event that connects people

In each village, local associations were asked to provide a performance. Amateurs gave a professional performance in each village, which was part of the complete performance. Residents of other villages could also watch the performances on large video screens. The public could also ride a long in a special convertible bus.  

A problem arises, because in the story the sisters get into a fight along the way. The Prince of Oud-Verlaat cannot solve this, so Bert van Leeuwen, EO presenter of the family dinner, comes to the rescue.  

The Family Dinner

In Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, The Family Dinner took place at a long table in De Dorpsstraat. Shopkeepers in this street provided this closing dinner, which caused a party in the village. Bert van Leeuwen made up for the sisters’ quarrels in this way. The four villages have come closer together through this parade.

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VKOZ has previously collaborated with Hans Heesterbeek for the production of the CHIO Rotterdam in the Kralingse Bos?

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