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Verhuisd naar het industriegebouw

We have moved to Het Industriegebouw!

We started the new year with a fresh start in our new office. We have brewed many creative events in the Heineken Building Rotterdam in recent years. Now it’s time for a change. We are making a new start in Het Industriegebouw!

After five years of being located in the Heineken Building, which was actually a temporary office, we moved from one national monument to another in Rotterdam. Het Industriegebouw offers many possibilities for VKOZ. As the only event agency among the tenants, great collaborations may arise. Stay tuned to learn more about our neighbors!

We have made a lot of progress. Our unit itself is not much bigger, but a lot nicer. A lot of time and love has been put into the design and we hope to become even more creative! The windows offer an open feeling and therefore more interaction with our neighbors. The collective building also offers calling and meeting rooms where we can retreat. In the Maaskantine on our floor we have a ping-pong table and there is more than enough opportunity to get something to eat or drink. In addition to work, there is plenty of room for relaxation!

Although it is only a fifteen minute walk from our old office, we are closer to the city center. A bit busier, but we like the bustle. In any case, we are really looking forward to brainstorming in our new office and building our network!

Would you like to come by and admire our new office?

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creatieve ideeën

13 creative components as part of your business event

A business event is no longer the same as it used to be. The main goal of your business event could be: sharing knowledge, networking, looking back and ahead or celebrate successes. These goals can be reached with creative components as part of your business event. For an attractive event, there are multiple creative possibilities for your next event. Read 13 ideas to add to your event.

Interactive food stations
How cool is it to place several interactive and/or do-it-yourself stalls for food and drinks throughout the location of your event. From a customizable bar for champagne and cocktails, a fruit stand to create your own smoothies, to a gigantic wall of donuts. There are many creative ways to offer food and drinks to your participants in a surprising way.

People have been crazy about taking photos in photo booths since 1925 and that hasn’t changed in the past 98 years. What has changed? The technology that makes these photo booths possible. Today’s photo booths give your visitors the ability to easily take photos, videos or GIFs and share the images directly via social media accounts. You can also make the setting as creative as you want.

Make-your-own-goodies stall
Everyone loves free stuff, but this only applies to the things we really want. Most giveaways given out during events end up in the trash can because they are not useful. A goodie stall with cool items that participants can make their own will certainly ensure that your visitors go home with something they will keep.

A little competition in a fun atmosphere can take your business event to a new level. Consider, for example, a treasure hunt, caption contest or pub quiz with questions about your event.

A comedian
Make sure you hire a comedian who specializes in corporate performances. This will most likely result in slightly more appropriate language and jokes about business-related topics and situations that your visitors will recognize.

A magician
Thanks to artists like the Dutch Hans Klok, magicians and illusionists have grown from birthday party entertainers to professional performers. A good magician can make a big impact on your event. If you have an international audience, chances are this will go down well with everyone.

Circus performance
Thanks to circus performances such as Cirque du Soleil that have turned circus as an art into an immersive experience, circus acts, like magic tricks, have undergone an image change. Add some of this mystique to your own event by hiring contortionists and acrobats.

A caricaturist
Caricaturists are a guarantee of success at any event, but you can go one step further by choosing an artist who uses the latest technology. For example, hire a caricaturist who uses a tablet to create drawings and projects them onto large screens in real time during your event.

A graffiti artist
It’s quite impressive to see a large work of art. If you have the space, consider hiring a graffiti artist to create a mural during your event. In the form of 3D street art on the ground, you can also use this, for example, to make the entrance to your event more interesting.

Cover band
If the visitors to your business event are largely in the same age group, then a cover band is always a good idea. Your attendees will love hearing their favorite songs from the good old days and because the performance is live, the room will be full of energy.

You can also create a casino with gaming tables, slot machines and professional dealers. This is a simple way to provide entertainment for your visitors. It is best to choose to rent these items instead of arranging everything yourself.

At a singalong there are 2 pianos on stage, both played by professionals who sing and entertain. This idea requires a lot of space, but it can be very successful if done right. The advantage of this entertainment is that you can also transform it into a stylish form of karaoke.

Artists with fire
Whether it is a fire eater, a dancer or a juggler, fire eaters can add spectacle and sensation to your event. And these performances provide a great opportunity for beautiful photos. The photos of this performance will guaranteed be shared via social media. So make sure that the #hashtag of your event is clearly displayed everywhere. Please check in advance with your location whether you can and may arrange this type of entertainment.

Want to know more about creative components or would you like other tips for organizing an event? VKOZ events & communications is happy to think along with you. Call 010-2107961 or send an email with your question to

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VKOZ brainstorming session

In need of advice? VKOZ offers free (online) brainstorming sessions!

VKOZ has been happy to share its knowledge, tips and inspiration for years. We would like to share this on our social media channels, in blogs and on the events page on our website. We still offer our free brewstorm session too. This consult can give you the following.

When and how do you start preparing your event? Or which extras do you want to use at your event? For extra inspiration, creativity and fresh insights, VKOZ offers free brewstorm sessions. Online, at your office or at our office.

In a brewstorm session we take the time to find out as much as possible about your event, organization and challenges. We ask questions, think along and come up with fresh and surprising ideas. Then we make a clear report of the brewstorm session.

In addition to thinking along , we also help you with, for example, the following questions
• What type of event suits my objectives and target groups and how do I achieve the maximum result?
• How do I translate different ideas (and stakeholders) within my organisation into a concrete plan for everyone?
• What style, theme or storyline do I want for the event and what kind of furnishing, decoration and catering are part of that?
• How do I ensure maximum interaction with my target group before, during and after the event?
• Can we increase the impact and ROI of our current event?

Creative solutions, simple changes or just extremely crazy ideas will turn your next event into an unforgettable moment!

Tips for a successful brainstorming session
• Bring 2 to 4 enthusiastic employees together via eg Skype
• Collect as many diverse ideas as possible
• Do not criticize ideas during the brainstorming session
• Encourage the craziest ideas, they inspire others
• A brainstorm can therefore be quite chaotic, but that is part of the process
• And most important: think outside the box!

Want to know more or would you like other tips for organizing an event? VKOZ events & communications is happy to think along with you. Call 010-2107961 or send an email with your question to

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secret of VKOZ

Discover the secret of VKOZ

VKOZ is an event agency from Rotterdam. We are experienced in organising business events and all communication around it. You can choose a total approach or the services based on your needs. By communicating with our customers in a transparent manner, we create trust. We pay a lot of attention to the details. Everyone can expect that the main lines of the event are good, but it is the small things that make the wow.

Timeline VKOZ in Rotterdam

The timeline
VKOZ was founded in 2010 by Marjolein van Rosmalen. After a career of 15 years in the business travel and events industry, it was time for a new challenge. The name VKOZ stood for: Female View on Business. Female organisational advice for male entrepreneurs. VKOZ started as a management and organisation consultancy. In the years that followed VKOZ also received more and more marketing and communication projects.

Two years later, requests were added for organising sports, cultural and public events. In these years Marjolein learned a lot about other facets of the event industry such as production, permits, safety and sponsorship.

After five years, Marjolein worked on so many different projects that it was time to move in one direction. Marjolein knew deep down that organising business events gave her the most energy. That is why a new website was launched in 2017 with the new logo: VKOZ events & communication. Due to the many recurring clients, VKOZ increasingly evolved into a company with a nice office and co-workers and  Marjolein also offered internships to share her knowledge and passion. Now, in 2020, VKOZ’s expertise is organising business events and also helps as a Professional Conference Organiser foreign organisations with organising their events in Rotterdam. Read more about VKOZ as PCO in Rotterdam here.

process of VKOZThe approach
Due to Marjolein’s 15 years of work experience at large international organisations, VKOZ has a professional working method. We think along with the strategy and goals of the event. An event is an investment and we therefore always try to think about what the event will ultimately yield. We would like to show our added value. A personal goal is to earn ourselves back.

Everyone can expect that the great lines of an event are good,
but it’s the little things that make the wow.

Due to the small, close-knit team, VKOZ has a lot of flexibility. We work transparently. With us you can choose a total approach or the services based on your needs: concept development, project management, communication and / or production. We make a clear project plan and share this with the client during the process, which gives confidence. This allows the client to see exactly what is being done and in which steps. An event consists of many different parts. By breaking it into steps, we provide the overview. We start with the basics. In the end, we pay a lot of attention to the details.

partners VKOZOur partners
Every client has a different organisational culture. We have built up a wide network over the years. We can choose exactly those partners that best suits the client. If you do business with VKOZ, you use a very large  network with the same down to earth Rotterdam mentality. We are very involved ourselves, so we expect this also from our partners: reliable, hard workers who work with their own pride and passion for their work.

Authenticity is one of the first lessons Marjolein learned as an entrepreneur. It is best to be yourself, so you automatically attract customers, co-workers and partners who match your standards and values. We see the event itself as the icing on the cake. It is very important to us to invest a lot of time in the different relationships. We are in constant contact with the people. The result is that everybody is  happy and full of passion on the day of the event. For an unforgettable event.

Want to know more or would you like other tips for organizing an event? VKOZ events & communicatie is happy to think along with you. Call 010-2107961 or send an email with your question to

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