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Verhuisd naar het industriegebouw

We have moved to Het Industriegebouw!

We started the new year with a fresh start in our new office. We have brewed many creative events in the Heineken Building Rotterdam in recent years. Now it’s time for a change. We are making a new start in Het Industriegebouw!

After five years of being located in the Heineken Building, which was actually a temporary office, we moved from one national monument to another in Rotterdam. Het Industriegebouw offers many possibilities for VKOZ. As the only event agency among the tenants, great collaborations may arise. Stay tuned to learn more about our neighbors!

We have made a lot of progress. Our unit itself is not much bigger, but a lot nicer. A lot of time and love has been put into the design and we hope to become even more creative! The windows offer an open feeling and therefore more interaction with our neighbors. The collective building also offers calling and meeting rooms where we can retreat. In the Maaskantine on our floor we have a ping-pong table and there is more than enough opportunity to get something to eat or drink. In addition to work, there is plenty of room for relaxation!

Although it is only a fifteen minute walk from our old office, we are closer to the city center. A bit busier, but we like the bustle. In any case, we are really looking forward to brainstorming in our new office and building our network!

Would you like to come by and admire our new office?

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