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VKOZ brainstorming session

In need of advice? VKOZ offers free (online) brainstorming sessions!

VKOZ has been happy to share its knowledge, tips and inspiration for years. We would like to share this on our social media channels, in blogs and on the events page on our website. We still offer our free brewstorm session too. This consult can give you the following.

When and how do you start preparing your event? Or which extras do you want to use at your event? For extra inspiration, creativity and fresh insights, VKOZ offers free brewstorm sessions. Online, at your office or at our office.

In a brewstorm session we take the time to find out as much as possible about your event, organization and challenges. We ask questions, think along and come up with fresh and surprising ideas. Then we make a clear report of the brewstorm session.

In addition to thinking along , we also help you with, for example, the following questions
• What type of event suits my objectives and target groups and how do I achieve the maximum result?
• How do I translate different ideas (and stakeholders) within my organisation into a concrete plan for everyone?
• What style, theme or storyline do I want for the event and what kind of furnishing, decoration and catering are part of that?
• How do I ensure maximum interaction with my target group before, during and after the event?
• Can we increase the impact and ROI of our current event?

Creative solutions, simple changes or just extremely crazy ideas will turn your next event into an unforgettable moment!

Tips for a successful brainstorming session
• Bring 2 to 4 enthusiastic employees together via eg Skype
• Collect as many diverse ideas as possible
• Do not criticize ideas during the brainstorming session
• Encourage the craziest ideas, they inspire others
• A brainstorm can therefore be quite chaotic, but that is part of the process
• And most important: think outside the box!

Want to know more or would you like other tips for organizing an event? VKOZ events & communications is happy to think along with you. Call 010-2107961 or send an email with your question to

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