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Unique and inspiring event venues in Rotterdam
20 June 2020
VKOZ event agency PCO in Rotterdam
Professional Conference Organiser in Rotterdam
25 July 2020
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The online and hybrid solutions of VKOZ

An event has been an important tool in the marketing mix for years. It is a direct way of communication, aimed at a specific target group and with a clear goal:
•   sharing knowledge or information
•   improving internal or external relationships
•   motivate or reward
•   strengthening the image
•   increasing brand awareness
At the moment we have to look at our events in a different way, without losing the added value of events. The need to keep in touch is now greater than ever. You can choose from the following options:
•   Live: meeting in person with 1.5 meters distance
•   Online: a digital or virtual event
•   Hybrid: combination of live and online
Even though the basis – reaching your target group and objectives in a surprising way – remains the same, each option requires its own concept. For example, you cannot translate a live event 1-on-1 into an online event. VKOZ helps you develop an inspiring total concept with long-lasting impact. And we create value before, during and after your event.
VKOZ studio online eventsOnline and hybrid events
VKOZ events & communication works together with Savvy Congress to organise your interactive event. Your benefits:
•   a safe live stream
•   without technical worries
•   via a super-fast internet connection
Where do you organize your event?
•   an event location
•   your company
•   our turnkey studio
We focus on your objectives ánd think of the needs of your participants. In this way we create a unique programme in which we also retrieve content and collect data. Think of: quiz, voting, Q&A, evaluation, chat, breakout session, wordcloud, mood mirror, event tour, complain and jubilee wall, evaluation and many more options.
Our team of online event experts is at your service
In recent months, we have specialised in online events, so you don’t have to! VKOZ takes the burden off your hands of figuring out how to create an exciting online or hybrid event and which platform and technology you should use for this.
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