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16 September 2020
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11 January 2021
Interim manager van VKOZ

Do you need an interim event manager?

At a crucial moment, a project or event manager drops out. Or your project is not running smoothly for some other reason. What now? We also assist in emergencies. Our experienced event managers are available on an interim basis. This means that we will assist you in no time to bring the event to a successful conclusion.
An event is a powerful means to convey your communication message. But organising a successful event also requires a lot of time, knowledge and creativity.
Hire an interim event manager from VKOZ for
•   temporary replacement of your event, communication or project manager
•   extra pair of hands in the run-up to your event, to relieve and unburden your employees
•   specialised knowledge, a creative fresh perspective plus bringing in a reliable network
•   extra attention for your flagship event
Together with you, we look at your wishes and how our event manager can best fulfill this.
What can you expect from a VKOZ interim event manager?
•   experienced professional in the field of event and interim management
•   clear agreements, objectives and budget
•   sense of organisational structure and (unwritten) rules
•   quickly adapted, collaborate and flexible
Did you know that… you can also hire our (interim) event manager as a consultant?
VKOZ consultancy for:
… expert advice in the (re) development and organisation of events
… training on the job for (junior) event planners in your organisation
… setting up clear working procedures for your events
… support internal organisation (eg. in reorganisations)
… event manager on standby: your own event manager outside the door!
This way you can hire our interim event manager, also remotely, in the places where you need us most. Do you want to know more?
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